Top 10 Most Important Lash Days Ever Countdown

10. Random Day Thumbnail Image

Sometimes the best things in life are random. Maybe you meet your next hook-up, your in-between or your last date at your usual Starbucks. Maybe you run into your new bestie or your old frienemy. Whatever the case you still want to make that "yeah, my lashes are awesome. I'm doing great." impresssion when you make eye contact. Own it!

9. Picture Day Thumbnail Image

It may be the greatest selfie ever or picture day at school. Maybe it's the worst day at the DMV. Or perhaps it's just a routine day, taking a photo for your access badge at work. Whatever the case, you may as well look fab on things that will get referenced by you and others on an almost daily basis.

8. Vacation Thumbnail Image

You've probably packed a few (or more than a few) flattering outfits. Why not? Whether you're hitting the club or the pool you'll want to be looking your best when you step out (and avoid runny makeup, ew). Wardrobe aside, your lash game should be on point too. You never know if or when you'll run into that special vacation connection! 😜

7. Job Interview Thumbnail Image

It's your money and it's true... first impressions count. You've got to look your best and make the most of the opportunity. Scheduled interviews may vary in length, but your lash length shouldn't (may they always be long). Keep that confidence high!

6. Meeting The Fam Thumbnail Image

It's a pressure cooker of a situation. Nobody in their right mind wants to deal with it. Kudos if you can put it off for as long as possible, but eventually it's going to happen. They may judge you but never your casually beautiful natural lashes!

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5. First Date Thumbnail Image

Bat those flirty lashes! It may or may not work out. Maybe you'll tell your kids about how great you looked that day or maybe end up laughing with your bestie about how horrible it was. Either way you still want to look great for it, just in case.

4. High School Reunion Thumbnail Image

Say everything you've ever wanted to say... with your eyes (or voice). "Do you think you're better than me? Look at me. See these fabulous lashes?! They're natural and fantastic. You're not better than me! And you never were!! Oh, hi Billy. You look great..."

3. Graduation Thumbnail Image

It's a huge day. You've been working toward it for years. So point the way to your bright future with amazing lashes! Why not look better than everyone else in the tons of photos you're going to take? Your lash look will probably even end up in a book forever!

2. Last Day On Earth Thumbnail Image

Every day may be a gift but I don't care what the situation is or how the day ends. I won't be caught dead in anything short of perfect lashes... EVER.

1. Wedding Day Thumbnail Image

All my family and friends accounted for. Months in the planning. Everything meticulously selected and in its place. You better belive my lashes are going to look exquisite as I cross into the next, possibly biggest stage of my life. Respect.

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  1. Comment Authors

    I have been using this for about a month. I was skeptical but THIS WORKS! Actually the lashes on the outside corners have grown so long they curve inward. I literally have to push them the other way when applying mascara!

  2. Comment Authors

    I lost most of my lashes on one upper lid. I've been using Vegalash for a little over 15 days! New visible growth started growing after about 3 days worth. I'm looking forwards to seeing more progess as I continue using the product.

  3. Comment Authors

    Has anyone tried this product?

    • Comment Authors

      I have and my lower lashes are nice and long and thickening. I haven't had lower lashes for many years.

  4. Comment Authors

    Bought it-- totally works. My mom and fiancée thought I had falsies on. SCORE!!!! I've been using it for a month, but noticed something after 2 weeks/ Curious, I went to see my Plastic surgeopn to ask about Latisse, but he thought I should just stick w what I have-- Vegalash ❤️